Our neighborhood

The Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life in the Jeppestown/Belgravia area of Johannesburg.

These neighbourhoods were home to the upper middle class in the early twentieth century.  Over time, the first residents have moved out, leaving many inexpensive old homes that landlords have acquired. These landlords do not rent the entire home out to one family, but rather rent out each room in the house. Eight to ten families live together in most homes, share a single bathroom and a single water tap.

Nearly all of the neighbourhood residents moved to Johanensburg in search of a better life. South Africans have migrated from rural areas. Residents from other African countries have come seeking asylum from the civil war and economic hardship. Despite the poverty and social challenges they face in Johannesburg, the parents we have interviewed, without exception, have told us their lives are better here.  

They live in hope.