702 truck of love with Spar visits KNF

Jun 30, 2017

On Wednesday 28 June 2017 the radio 702 truck of love with Spar arrived at KNF with DJ and Journalist Redi Tlhabi. The staff and over 100 children waited in eager anticipation for the doors of the truck to open. When the moment finally came and the doors opened, the truck was filled with all sorts of food, cleaning supplies, stationary and toys for the children. The children of Wings of Hope were very excited to be able to pitch in and help off load items from within the truck. Head Teacher Babalwa Tuntulwana said "I was greatly humbled by the donation, so much so I was speechless. I am overjoyed that our children and staff are able to enjoy this for the days to come". A big thank you to 702 and Spar for their generosity and taking the time to give back to the community. We are grateful here at KNF for all the love you have shared! 

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