Giving children wings of hope

Sep 15, 2021

Covid-19 had a devestating impact in our children's homes in Jeppestown. The average household income of the families we serve was already less then R1 000 a month before lockdown. After lockdown, the little informal work our parents had dried up and our children experienced greater insecurity then ever before. 

In response to these challenges, the Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundation Foundation took on the task of providing a monthly grocery parcel to each family. We also sent specially formulated homework to parents via text message, taking into consideration that most households did not have pens, paper, scissors or other educational supplies that many of us take for granted. Despite these efforts, we know that nothing is a substitute for in-person schooling and we are so grateful to see all our children back at school.


The 2021 academic year has been challenging but we continue to do the best we can to provide quality pre-school education and healthy and nutritional meals for all our children and staff members.

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