Parents Learn More About Recycling, Road Safety, and Addiction

Sep 23, 2011

Throughout the year, three social work students from the University of Johannesburg have been learning about the challenges faced by Wings of Hope School parents. In addition to poverty and unemployment, parents indicated that they were concerned about road safety, the environment, and substance abuse in the neighbourhood. To assist the parents in addressing these challenges, the social work students organized a parent education afternoon.

Over 71% of the parents attended the fully packed programme featuring many guest speakers. The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police department answered questions about road safety.  A recycling program, YES, gave parents and learners ideas about how to clean up the environment, using bins soon to be donated by Pikitup. Finally, a representative from SANCA spoke about the challenges of substance abuse, and how parents could apply for financial assistance to help loved ones combat their addiction. Parents left feeling empowered, with new energy to improve the quality of life in our neighbourhood.

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